Other Custom Keyboards

Do you want to really stand out as a musician and change the world of music?
Delve into the world of
microtonality! You will no longer be one of millions..
You will be one of merely hundreds. The microtonal community needs

If you don't know what microtonal music is, please visit my microtonal site. :)

Let me help you get started! First, you will want a keyboard that matches your microtonal tuning of choice, like the ones below or any other tuning (within reason). I included listening examples of my music in each particular tuning so that you can get a feel for what they sound like. Let me know if you have any questions!

Pasted Graphic 26_____Jupitar_front1

10 notes per octave is exotic and lovely. It's my absolute favorite. (For 3 white keys in a row, it works best to put a black note painted white. Or get it as a Vertical Keyboard with short keys.)
Pasted Graphic 7

13 notes per octave is only for the daring.
Listen! (at your own risk)
Pasted Graphic 23_____furrytar_front

16 notes per octave is awesome!
Pasted Graphic 11

17 notes per octave is beautiful.
Pasted Graphic 19

19 notes per octave is a great place to start because it is closely related to 12 tone.
Pasted Graphic 24

20 notes per octave.. well, I hear that it's great. I haven't tried it yet! But 10 is my absolute favorite, so 20 might be twice as nice.
Pasted Graphic 6

6 x 6 layout for tempered12 tone. Honestly, this was childhood nightmare before my classical recitals, but they sell!
Pasted Graphic 8__BPtar_front4

The Bohlen-Pierce Scale is from another planet. There are no octaves! Luckily, I did some research that you can read.
(order any keyboard with a guitar strap!)

Pick a keyboard length from these options. If you want more knobs, sliders, pads, etc., I can microtune an M-Audio Axiom for you.


I like to use M-Audio Keystation keyboards because they are lightweight (great for shipping), inexpensive, and I have lots of extra keys handy!

Standard keyboard lengths are 49 keys, 61 keys or 88 keys (piano-length).

Need knobs or sliders or pads? I can also use an M-Audio Axiom or Axiom Pro. It will just be more pricey.

I am happy to microtune one of your current keyboards. It is only a matter of finding extra keys that work.

A guitar strap is optional.