Vertical Keyboards tend to run about $850 depending on the options. If you would like to turn one of your own keyboards into a Vertical, it may be possible for a reduced price (about $250 less). The price will also be discounted if you can provide pictures of you playing your Vertical with your band or otherwise help to promote Vertical Keyboards.

There is an option for a cello stick so that you can play it cello-style sitting down! Otherwise it is meant to be played with a guitar strap. See playing styles.

All of the Vertical Keyboards are handmade with care and unique in their own way. I currently make them from M-Audio and Roland keyboards and most are controllers only, with MIDI and USB ports. However, depending on the keyboard/synthesizer model, a Vertical can contain a sound module (if the circuit boards are small enough). I will go over all of the details with you and work with you on the unique design that you want.

I am always open to the input of musicians on ways to upgrade the instrument or add options. If you purchase a Vertical and realize you would like the mod wheel in a different location, a different type of handle, different keys or any other idea or suggestion, I can work with you to upgrade or replace it with a model that better suits your needs at either no cost or a nominal fee, since the input from actual musicians helps with development more than anything else.

Contact me so we can get started!

Thank you for stopping by.


Vertical Keyboards are patent pending.