Custom Xenharmonic Keyboards
Vertical Keyboards
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Vertical Keyboards

The most popular way to play a Vertical Keyboard is standing, with a guitar strap.

The left hand plays “backwards” and uses the same fingering as the right hand. You will be surprised how easy and enjoyable it is to play this way. Most pianists don’t need to retrain their left hand to much extent, as it automatically “flips”.

It’s a more intimate feeling than playing a keyboard on a stand, and more fun in a live situation.

But most importantly, the audience can see your fingers play that awesome solo, and unlike the outdated keytar, Vertical Keyboards have a full range keyboard!
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The strap is hidden so the keyboard appears to float.
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Sit and play some Bach, with the “cello spike” option.
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Play it kneeling on the floor like this...
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...or like a sitar!
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You can also just put it on a stand like a normal keyboard...
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...or if you absolutely must, play it like a keytar!

But it's better than a keytar because of the full range keyboard. And it's better than a regular full length keyboard with a strap because it's much less bulky and lightweight.
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